Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Activity Tracker Update 1.2 Status

Activity Tracker Update 1.2 is submitted to marketplace with the following fixes.

1. Fixed the bugs in about page when selecting the same menu twice.

2. Fixed the bugs while deleting an activity or category.

3. Update the feedback page to send time zone, device and email for troubleshooting purpose.

4. Ability to delete history items. Deleting categoy or activity deletes all the history associated with it.

5. Time allocation charts with group by category option for daily, montly and yearly charts.

6. Tips & Tricks section to highlight the features of the app and direct links to those pages.

7. Updated activity icons, start page button, title fonts for more consistancy, look & feel.

8. Updated the missing links to Help videos and also video directly instead of just launching browser.

Image resize and crop tool to create and custom acitivity icons and for custom backgrounds has been moved to the next update.

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