Sunday, April 17, 2011

Kids TV and Bollywood Movies Next Udpate

We are working on an update for both Bollywood Movies and Kids TV apps which allows the user to download and update the links for the videos. Here are the features below.
  1. Automatically download the video links for new shows / movies.
  2. New setting for limited data plan users to allow downloads only on WiFi network.
  3. Removing the broken links and wrong videos during the downloads.
  4. Download of movies will take place incrementally one at a time for a specified interval.
  5. Top Videos or Songs section on the panorama to highlight popular songs or videos.
We are also working on a custom video player to play the videos without leaving the application. This may take some time and we'll update you as we make progress on this feature.

Other features we are considering for the future updates

  1. Live Tile images for the latest movies or shows.
  2. Cast Bios and Image Gallery.
  3. Videos for other languages when available.
  4. Ratings and reviews to rate the shows  or movies you like.
We are also working with our team to test the videos properly to address the issue with wrong video in the links. We are aware that couple of videos are not related to the shows and working fast to fix these issues.

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